At HPP, you can do a lot more than just watch virtual horse races without pants on - you can get involved in all of the exciting aspects of horseracing. With our game you can take on as many of the following roles as you like.

  • Manager. Manage the career of a Champion racehorse. (What's better than having a bet on the winning racehorse? Owning the winning racehorse.)
  • Handicapper. Every live show has a free handicapping contest with thousands of dollars in prize money, and every edition of our "Virtual Form" has a free handicapping contest. You can actually make a living handicapping virtual horses without ever making a single wager.
  • Breeder. Make a living breeding championship virtual horses (and yes, we're serious).
  • Broker. Do you have an eye for good value? You can make real money buying and selling horses at our weekly auctions or daily claiming races. You may even discover the next big winner!
  • Trainer. Train horses to become masters of different distances and beat the competition. The more you train, the more you learn. (If we catch you with virtual steroids, however, you're out.)
  • Jockey. Select a horse's running style before a race and decide at what point the horse should go all-out. If you're good, you will become more valuable as you win more races. Book yourself to make these decisions for other owners and earn part of their winnings.
  • Writer. We are always looking for great writers who understand horse racing. If this is you, please contact us and we will guide you through our apprentice writing program.




For those that missed the day in school where they taught everyone how to breed, train, and race virtual horses, we have a virtual tour that will leave you in stitches. Once you've completed the virtual tour, you'll know everything you need to know about virtual horse racing. And, as a graduation present, we'll give you your own beautiful 3D stable, two prime horses ready to
compete, and virtual stable hands to clean up the virtual manure.

If you have other questions or need help, we have a comprehensive "Help Section" which comes in two flavors: (1) the ever-popular Animated Wise-ass Version, and (2) the Straightforward Version. (Guess which one we prefer?)

You'll also need to know how the races work. If you know a little about real horse racing, then you're in luck! We designed our virtual races to be decided by the exact same factors that decide real horse races. You can handicap these races in our free daily contests just like you would real horse races. Here are the factors that influence race outcomes:

  • Race Pace
  • Race Distance
  • Track Bias
  • Horse Class
  • Divine Intervention
  • Horse Condition
  • Horse Fitness
  • Trip Factor
  • Adrenaline / Fatigue
  • Application of Tack Items

Each factor is input to HPP's race algorithm, which then produces an exciting race and crowns a winner!

Wondering how we make any money giving away all this cash? Well, we have four ample revenue streams:

  1. billboards at the track
  2. commercials aired during the live shows
  3. player participation
  4. sponsorships

We give 85% of all four sources to our players and we also add several smaller sources of revenue to make this the most lucrative game ever offered!


All jokes aside, our community is our most important asset, and our promise is to put you first at all times. We will monitor the forums and we will not tolerate ANY abusive or threatening behavior (we find that Lady Luck abuses all of us plenty already). This is a very exciting game, which is meant to be fun and rewarding to those who play, so we will ensure that fair play and respect are always at the center of your experience here. If you have any issues you want to bring to our attention, please contact us at any time. We promise not to call you a crybaby.



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