...where the races are free, the cash prizes are huge, and no one ever steps in manure!

The horses are virtual, but the excitement is 100% real!

Here you can buy and sell virtual horses, breed them to win, and watch them race live every day. Our daily races feature a real race caller, and we also have handicapping and trivia contests for glorious prizes. We're not talking bags of oats, here, we're talking bags of cash!

(You can trade the cash for oats if you really want to.)

We also have weekly auctions where you can build up the perfect stable of champion horses, and you can even organize your own league and play with friends. HPP is the total package!

Are you ready to win free cash? If so, just click here!

P.S. You can feel good about playing, too! In our entire history, we haven't received a single complaint from PETA about the treatment of our animals. In addition, our virtual stables are 100% green. The lights are never left on. In fact, we don't even have lights.

Now that's progressive!


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